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G'Day all
Welcome to Austra Liana's home on the web.


Austra Liana is an Australian Time Zone based Guild on the Fippy Darkpaw Progression Server. If you live in the Australian region or have play times that are around GMT +10 then Austra Liana wants you!

Our primary aim is to provide a balanced casual guild structure with a serious fun attitude. Raiding is NOT compulsory.

The first step to joining Austra Liana is to sign up for a board account and create a New Topic in the Forum. Please note that when creating a board account the ACCOUNT NAME should be the same as your CHARACTER'S FIRST NAME only.


Please remember to check your application thread periodically as more information may be required.


Once you are invited to join Austra Liana you are granted full Member access. Austra Liana does not promote a probationary period of any kind.
Guild News

PoI & Ssra Follow-Up

Moonunit, May 8, 12 8:03 PM.
After warming up on Proto's in Plane of Innovation, followed by a flawless take down of Xanamech .. we headed to Temple of Ssra to tangle with a few snakes.

Being Aussies and used to handing such deadly creatures, we proceeded to take down Vyzh'dra the Cursed in spectacular fashion.  So spectacular in fact the a large contingent of members from <Citizen> stood back and watched .. and learned how we do it down under!

A great nights raiding with plenty of loots for all.

Austra Liana & Switchblade are now mates

Moonunit, May 1, 12 11:13 PM.
Austra Liana & Switchblade guilds have entered into a casual arrangement allowing members of each guild to guest on raids.  This arrangement will assist all involved in PoP and upcoming GoD progression.

Sunday Raid Follow-Up

Moonunit, Apr 30, 12 12:13 AM.
Great time had by everyone that attended.

Big thanks and welcome to all the guys from Lmfao ... and a special thanks to Shigouragu <Ascendency> for all his help, support and assistance
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